We will kick off the class on Wednesday, Sept 11 with introductions, CERT overview, paperwork, etc. We will also do Units 1: Disaster Preparedness & Unit 6: CERT organization. I will be handling Unit 1, David Bradley will be teaching Unit 6 if available. We will be at the Elizabeth/Wirt VFD form 6PM to 10PM.

Saturday, Sept 14 will be Unit 2: Fire Safety & Utility Control, and Units 3 & 4: Disaster Medical Operations 1 & 2. Don Williams will be instructing if available. We will be at the Elizabeth/Wirt VFD from 10AM to 6PM.


Sunday, Sept 15 we will be at Camp Barbe for Unit 5: Light Search & Rescue. After that unit is completed, we will be doing a hands-on exercise including putting out a fire, searching a building, triage and treatment of injured utilizing Wirt OES MCI equipment. We hope to have a variety of folks teach/lead for this event! (Hint… hint!) Times are from 2PM to 8PM, with the exercise portion starting around 4:30ish. Most likely we will finish up around 6PM, but I have till 8PM listed in case we have sooooo much fun we just can’t stop ourselves!! :~)


Tuesday, Sept 17 we will be back at the Elizabeth/Wirt VFD for Unit 8: CERT & Terrorism. Mike Shook will instruct if available. 6:30PM to 9:00PM.


Thursday, Sept 19 we will cover Unit 7: Disaster Psychology. Michael Kelley will instruct if available. Elizabeth/Wirt VFD. 6:30PM to 9:00PM.


There will be a Sunday afternoon make-up class on Sunday Sept 22 for any students who have missed and need to make up any modules. I will be instructing at the Elizabeth/Wirt VFD or my house (TBD), from 2PM till completed.


We will wrap up the Fall class with our graduation ceremony on Friday, Sept 27. (I know, I know… schedule an event on a Football Friday Night?!?!… Well, Wirt plays Pburg Catholic on Saturday the 28th. Soooooo……..) For those of you who did not attend our last graduation ceremony, you missed a good time! :~)


Please RSVP and let me know if you plan to attend any of the classes… and if so which days… and if you plan to attend the training exercise and/or graduation. I would like to get an accurate estimate (is there such a thing?!) for refreshments, etc. My goal is to have at least 10 students for this class, including a few more teens!