The Fall Basic Training Course for CERT, free and open to the public! Come learn about disaster preparedness, basic search and rescue operations, basic disaster medical operations, fire safety and fire extinguisher training, disaster psychology, etc.


Class dates, times, & locations will be as follows:

Wednesday, Sept 11: Welcome, Unit 1 DIsaster Preparedness, Unit 6 CERT organization/ICS; 6PM-10PM @ Elizabeth-Wirt VFD

Saturday, Sept 14: Unit 2 Fire Safety & Utility Controls, Units 3 & 4 Disaster Medical Operations; 10AM-6PM @ Elizabeth-Wirt VFD

Sunday, Sept 15: Unit 5 Light Search & Rescue, plus CERT practical Exercise; 2PM-8PM @ Camp Barbe

Tuesday, Sept 17: Unit 8 CERT & Terrorism; 6PM-8PM @ Elizabeth-Wirt VFD

Thursday, Sept 19: Unit 7 Disaster Psychology; 6PM-8PM @ Elizabeth-Wirt VFD

Friday, Sept 27: CERT Graduation Party; 7PM-9PM @ Elizabeth-Wirt VFD

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