Suellen Calebaugh

County Clerk Duties Include:

  • Clerk for the County Commission
    • Maintains payroll for all county employees
    • Responsible for payment of all county debts
    • Oversee and monitor county budget
    • Retains the county’s financial statements
    • Preserves all orders from the County Commission
    • Keep minutes of all County Commission meetings
  • Voters Registration & Elections
    • Chief election official for the county
    • Maintain county voter registration records
    • Prepares ballot
    • Conducts absentee and early voting
    • Prepares and supplies all material for election day
    • Conducts all poll worker training
    • Tabulates election results

Fiduciary & Probate

  • Record and probate wills
  • Appointment of fiduciaries in estate matters
  • Vital Statistics
    • Record and index births, marriages and deaths in the county
    • Issue certified copies of vital documents

Document Recording

  • Maintain records of deeds, deeds of trust, liens, releases, appraisements, settlements, UCC filings, leases, wills, military discharge and various miscellaneous documents